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Podcast: GM salmon coming soon? Food ingredients you can’t pronounce are safe; Monsanto patent lawsuit myths

Cameron English, Kevin Folta | 
Monsanto never sued farmers because their fields were accidentally contaminated with the company's GM seed. AquaBounty's genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon ...
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AquaBounty ‘on track’ to sell GM salmon by year’s end, despite court ruling calling for more environmental impact data

Megan Poinsky | 
The FDA should have given more consideration to the risks genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon posed to wild populations before approving ...
Spawning Atlantic Salmon

Judge orders FDA to assess potential impact of escaped GM AquAdvantage salmon on wild fish

Steve Davies | 
The Food and Drug Administration must evaluate the risks posed if genetically engineered salmon escape into the wild, a federal ...

CRISPR could help protect Atlantic salmon from sea lice, reducing need for harsh chemical treatments

Robert Outram | 
Researchers at Norwegian institute Nofima are investigating whether gene editing could provide an answer to the problem of sea lice ...
Spawning Atlantic Salmon

Viewpoint: Fast-growing GMO salmon poised to hit US stores in 2020, but why did it take 30 years?

Lluís Montoliu | 
In a few months, the first transgenic (GMO) salmon will be sold in the US, produced in an AquaBounty farms ...
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Viewpoint: How the ‘green lobby’ has partnered with the fishing industry to keep sustainable GMO salmon off our plates for 25 years

Mitch Daniels | 
What should one make of the following set of facts? A federal government, urged on by self-designated advocates for the ...
atlantic salmon market dispaly fresh display label contains no trademarks

AquaBounty aims to win over consumers before its GMO salmon hits US markets in 2020

Amy Nordrum | 
Only in the past five years has it become possible to raise thousands of healthy fish so far from the ...

Alaska Senator Murkowski challenges Trump FDA Commissioner nominee over agency’s approval of fast-growing GMO AquAdvantage salmon

Alex Ruoff | 
President Donald Trump’s selection to be the next head of the FDA faces a barrage of questions this week about ...
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AquaBounty seeks overseas expansion, anticipating global demand for GMO AquAdvantage salmon

Chris Chase | 
For more than two decades, AquaBounty has been developing its genetically modified AquAdvantage salmon, which the company plans to grow ...
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How market forces, self-regulation and GMO crops are making fish farming more sustainable

Dave Little, Richard Newton | 
More sustainable aquaculture and better-managed fisheries are increasingly actionable for consumers ...

Lab-grown sushi could help meet booming seafood demand, cut overfishing

Josh Petri, Lydia Mulvany | 
Salmon has become the guinea pig of the seas when it comes to using technology to supplement falling fish populations ...
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GMO salmon production begins as first batch of bioengineered eggs arrive at new US facility despite activist opposition

Tony Briscoe | 
On a winding road on the outskirts of a small Rust Belt town in eastern Indiana, a fish hatchery is ...
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GMO AquAdvantage salmon labeling questions resurface

Jason Huffman | 
AquaBounty Technologies, creator of the first-ever salmon genetically engineered for commercial production, doesn’t have to notify Canadian buyers that its ...

Viewpoint: Outgoing FDA chief Scott Gottlieb scored some wins, but dropped the ball on food labeling, gene-edited plants and animals

Val Giddings | 
Gottlieb’s policy proposals for FDA oversight of gene-edited plants and animals were as inexplicable as they were inconsistent with longstanding U.S. policy ...
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Video: The case for growing (and eating) sustainable GMO AquAdvantage salmon

Nick Saik | 
Recently, a company called AquaBounty earned U.S. approval to begin selling their genetically engineered salmon in grocery stores. The salmon ...
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Podcast: AquaBounty to begin raising GMO AquAdvantage salmon in US as soon as April 2019

Amie Simpson, Sylvia Wulf | 
A land-based fish farm in East Central Indiana will begin raising AquAdvantage Salmon, genetically engineered Atlantic salmon, as soon as ...
Salmon x

5 things to know about genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon coming soon to US grocery stores

Alison Van Eenennaam | 
Animal genomics expert Alison Van Eenennaam explains the significance of the FDA’s move ...
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US Senator Todd Young eager to sample just-approved sustainable AquaBounty GMO fish

Seth Slabaugh | 
After touring a land-based fish farm that is preparing to raise genetically engineered salmon, U.S. Senator Todd Young is ready ...
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Greenlighting of AquAdvantage salmon could ‘pave the way’ to disease resistant pigs and other GMO animals

Emily Moon | 
[In March 2019], the Food and Drug Administration cleared the last hurdle for the genetically engineered "AquaAdvantage" salmon—the first (and ...
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FDA lifts 2016 import ban on GMO AquAdvantage salmon, confirms fish safe to eat

Jacqui Fatka | 
The Food & Drug Administration announced [March 8] that it will be deactivating a 2016 import alert that prevented genetically ...

From a sustainability perspective, GMO AquaBounty salmon should be a ‘dream come true’. Why do environmentalists oppose it?

Andrew Porterfield | 
The flip-flop by Food and Water Watch and other advocacy groups rests not on environmental or science-based concerns but on ...
AquaBounty Lawsuit just another attempt to delay commercialization of GE salmon strict xxl

Canada, US embrace AquAdvantage GMO salmon, Brazil and China may be next

Christine Blank | 
Genetically modified salmon firm AquaBounty has found “very enthusiastic” buyers in Canada, according to president and CEO Ronald Stotish. The ...

Exploring GMO canola as a cheap source of omega-3 fatty acid for farmed salmon

Matt Craze | 
Something is amiss in the huge barley fields of Montana. Mini-planters punctuate a tiny canola patch an hours’ drive from ...

Fish feed enhanced with omega-3 oil? UK scientists developing more nutritious food for farmed salmon

Pallab Ghosh | 
Researchers .... are giving farmed salmon feed made from genetically modified crops. The aim of the scientific trial is to ...

Genetically engineered AquaBounty salmon ready for US market, but caught in Congressional ‘sausage grinder’

Andrew Porterfield | 
“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” The true version of ...
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Making sense of the patchwork US regulatory system for genetically engineered crops and animals

Marc Brazeau | 
The faster-growing genetically engineered AquaAdvantage Salmon took 20 years of regulatory scrutiny to gain approval, while the non-browning gene-silenced Arctic ...
FDA NotApprovedStamp e

Viewpoint: How politics pollutes the FDA’s genetically modified animal regulations and stifles innovation

Henry Miller, John Cohrssen | 
AquaBounty's fast-growing salmon and Oxitec's disease-fighting mosquitos are two examples of why genetically modified animals should be regulated by the ...
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