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Berkeley professor Zilberman: No, Michael Pollan, Food Evolution movie is not ‘propaganda’

David Zilberman | Blog | 
[Editor's note: David Zilberman is a professor of agriculture and resource economics at the University of California Berkeley.] Food Evolution is a ...
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Kevin Folta: ‘Berkeley 45’ has opportunity to rethink ‘activist aided’ attack on Food Evolution movie

Kevin Folta | Blog | 
[Editor’s note: Kevin Folta is a molecular biologist and chair of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida.] The release of ...
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‘Ready and waiting’: Why hasn’t even one vitamin-enriched GMO crop been approved?

Sterling Ericsson | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Sterling Ericsson is a biology focused science communicator with a degree in molecular biology.] Traditional artificial breeding methods have been ...

Hawaiian GMO farmer on Food Evolution doc: Saving papaya from extinction is not ‘propaganada’

Joni Kamiya | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Joni Kamiya is a family farmer growing GMO papaya on Hawaii's North Shore.] The [GMO] papaya works, it ...
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‘Science moms’ defend Food Evolution movie against Zen Honeycutt’s ‘propaganda’ accusation

Alison Bernstein et al. | Blog | 
[Written by Alison Bernstein, Layla Katiraee, Jenny Splitter, Kavin Senapathy, and Anastasia Bodnar.] Despite numerous statements that the producers had creative ...
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Letter denouncing Food Evolution as ‘propaganda’ misses opportunity for constructive GMO discussion

Terence Bradshaw | Blog | 
[Terrance Bradshaw is the director of the University of Vermont's Apple and Grape Program and Horticulture Research and Education Center ...
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Marion Nestle shuts down blog’s comments section, blames ‘Monsanto-funded GMO trolls’ for flooding site

Marion Nestle | Blog | 
With regret, I asked my site managers at Cre8d to block all future comments to this site. The GMO trolls—people who ...
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Opinion: Food patents immoral? Anti-GMO argument isn’t based on logic or science

Fallacy Man | Blog | 
[Editor's note: "Fallacy Man" is the pseudonym for a PhD biology student who blogs at The Logic of Science.] ["It’s morally wrong ...

Marion Nestle: ‘GMO propaganda’ film Food Evolution quoted me ‘out of context’

Marion Nestle | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Marion Nestle is a professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University. She is featured ...
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China’s cultural revolution: Why widespread personal gene sequencing may be inevitable

Razib Khan | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Razib Khan is a PhD candidate in genetics at the University of California-Davis.] If you’ve been hiding under a ...

‘Monsanto gas mask man’ photos distort GMO debate and disrespect farmers

Terence Bradshaw | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Terrance Bradshaw is a research associate at the University of Vermont and director of the university's Apple and Grape ...

GMO ‘agvocates’ should stop ‘mud slinging’ about organics

Terence Bradshaw | Blog | 
[Editor’s note: Terrance Bradshaw is a research associate at the University of Vermont and director of the university’s Apple and Grape ...
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Myth busting: Does Monsanto ‘control’ farmers with contracts that bar seed saving?

Brian Scott | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Read the GLP's coverage of farmers' responses to Bette Midler criticizing Monsanto’s seed patent contracts here.] [Editor's note: Brian Scott ...

‘Sugar is sugar is sugar’: What Hershey doesn’t want you to know about its GMO-free chocolate

Wanda Patsche | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Wanda Patsche and her husband own and operate an independent farm in southern Minnesota, raising corn, soybeans and pigs.] ...

Video: Food Evolution—Neil deGrasse Tyson-narrated documentary on GMO debate—set for June 23 release

Aaron Dy | Blog | 
Food Evolution aims to take a look at the science underlying the heated rhetoric of the GMO debate. Filmmaker Scott ...

Diet and land: Why organic farming is ‘less sustainable’ than conventional

Steven Novella | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Steven Novella is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine.] Perhaps the biggest problem with ...
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Pink GM pineapple with high levels of antioxidants unlikely to boost human health

Layla Katiraee | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Layla Katiraee is a scientist with a PhD in Molecular Genetics.] A couple of months ago, I saw ...

Red or white wine? Genetics may determine what you like to drink

Becca Yeamans-Irwin | Blog | 
While these preferences have been around for as long as wine has been in existence, very little is known about ...
march against monsanto world ral

Bombing of Monsanto’s Italian research facility highlights how anti-GMO rhetoric inspires terrorists

Amanda Zaluckyj | Blog | 
Based on the reports, an individual threw Molotov cocktails at a Monsanto research facility in Italy over the Easter Weekend,  the ...

Can you be a skeptic and anti-GMO?

Myles Power | Blog | 
[Editor’s note: Myles Power is a chemist in Manchester, England.] Over the past year, I have been giving a talk to ...
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Bee experts say ditch Cheerios’ wildflower seeds, plant native ones to fight pollinator decline

Jenna Gallegos | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Jenna Gallegos is a 5th year plant biology PhD student at the University of California, Davis.] Honeybees are ...
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Hobbyist beekeeping practices and rejection of chemical treatments major driver of bee-killing Varroa mites and disease

Iida Ruishalme | Blog | 
Hobby beekeeping is very common. A European Bee Health Report found that in many countries, the majority of beekeepers pursue the activity ...
watermelon boy child

Greenpeace’s ‘double standard’ on lab-created seedless watermelons and GMOs

Myles Power | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Myles Power is a chemist in Manchester, England. Read the GLP profile of Greenpeace here.] Last year [2016], I ...
Eating Healthy and Working Out

Putting cancer risk in perspective: Random errors in DNA replication bigger factor than diet, lifestyle choices

Jayson Lusk | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Jayson Lusk is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University.] [E]ven if you eat ...
fwx millenials saying no to big food

7 strategies to better communicate the scientific consensus on GMO safety to skeptical millennials

Jordan Gaal | Blog | 
The ... genetically engineered crops study by the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) is a true consensus on GMOs. ... How ...
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‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’: Cargill’s partnership with Non-GMO Project irks farmers

Amanda Zaluckyj | Blog | 
[Editor's note: Read the GLP's profile of the Non-GMO Project here.] Careful what you tweet…especially if you’re a company kicking ...
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‘Save the Bees?’ General Mills campaign perpetuates myths about GMOs, pesticides

Amanda Zaluckyj | Blog | 
Watch out – Buzz, the iconic mascot for General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios, is going to be missing in action ...
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Green fears: Why are pro-science liberals less embracing of GMO safety than conservatives?

Dan Kahan | Blog | 
[Editor’s note: Dan Kahan is a professor of psychology at Yale Law School. This is a follow-up to an earlier blog ...
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