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Viewpoint: Gene editing poised to revolutionize agriculture—if we can fix biotech regulations

Nina Fedoroff, Alison Van Eenennaam | 
In his speech at the recent American Farm Bureau convention, President Trump said his administration was "streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting-edge ...
Good and potentially bad about FDA's greenlighting of 23andMe direct-to-consumer BRCA mutation tests

Good and potentially bad about FDA’s greenlighting of 23andMe direct-to-consumer BRCA mutation tests

Ricki Lewis | 
News that consumers will soon be able to purchase a genetic test for three BRCA mutations may seem like déjà ...
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Uganda’s researchers ready to taste test their GMO vitamin A-enriched banana

Lominda Afedraru | 
The East African cooking banana is one of the major food crops eaten by the people living in central Uganda ...
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Supercharged brains and the quest to think better and faster

David Warmflash | 
For those seeking to enhance cognitive function based on hard evidence, the starting point is worked aimed at improving mental ...
From GMO hater to biotechnology advocate: One person's Facebook journey

From GMO hater to biotechnology advocate: One person’s Facebook journey

Julie Mellor-Trupp | 
An anti-GMO, pro-organic mom became a staunch defender of modern agriculture following a social media encounter that prompted her to ...
Are humans genetically loaded for extinction?

Are humans genetically loaded for extinction?

Andrew Porterfield | 
Genetic load--the idea that we've had too many mutations to thrive--is making a comeback. A debate's brewing over whether it's ...
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Digitizing DNA: Real reasons to worry about cyberbiosecurity

Jenna Gallegos, Jean Peccoud | 
The intersection between biology and digital technology opens the door for incredible discoveries, but also creates opportunities for dangerous events, ...
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Current biotech regulations create animal and crop approval blocks and bottlenecks but gene editing may open new doors

Joe Scott | 
The cost of current biotech industry regulations might not be obvious to consumers, but it’s clear to researchers. “We’ve got ...
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Meat wars: Sourcing from animals may not be what distinguishes meat from ‘meat alternatives’

Marc Brazeau | 
The US Cattlemen's Association is making a pre-emptive strike against potentially misleading marketing for the next wave of meat alternatives ...
Genetics revolution 437237

How the genetics revolution is upending our concept of disease—and how that could improve healthcare

Arthur Caplan | 
What is a disease? This seemingly abstract and theoretical question is actually among the most practical questions in all of ...
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How Russia tried to turn America against GMOs and agricultural biotechnology and sow ideological discord

Andrew Porterfield | 
How serious was secret Russian interventionism when it comes to creating public discord over US farming and agricultural trade policy? ...
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Exploring the alternate reality of Natural News’ Mike Adams’ online ’empire of misinformation’

Jonathan Jarry | 
If there is a Wonderland filled with health scares, monsters, and miraculous concoctions, Mike Adams is building it. And its ...
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Transforming modern medicine doesn’t have to be high tech or expensive

Henry Miller | 
While intricate high-tech breakthroughs are incredible, it's important to realize the value of low-cost and low-tech ingenuity ...
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Viewpoint: Regulatory overreach looms as obstacle for New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) in agriculture

Steven Cerier | 
The fast-moving world of plant breeding — fueled by advances in CRISPR and other techniques — has tossed a wrench ...
GMO coffee 4382

GMO coffee is on the horizon—but will we drink it?

Ross Pomeroy | 
Remember the Gros Michel banana? If you're under the age of seventy, you probably don't. That's because in the 1950s ...
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Getting to the roots of insomnia and what you can do about it

Ben Locwin | 
Ever struggle with sleep? Almost all of us will at some point our lifetime. Several factors are at play--including travel ...
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Viewpoint: Bans on neonicotinoid insecticides may not actually help bees

Caroline Hauxwell | 
Public pressure is growing in Australia to ban the sale of pesticides called neonicotinoids because of their harmful effects on bees. The ...
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Biodiversity is more than just beauty: ‘It is the very apparatus that holds us steady’

Elizabeth Boakes | 
Biodiversity is integral to life, but is more than just a huge number of species: It also represents the variations ...
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15 surprising GMO and gene-edited crop advances underway in South and Central America

Daniel Norero | 
Latin America is a vital region in the global production of genetically modified (GM) crops, with Brazil and Argentina ranked ...
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Are consumer genetic tests misused by doctors and alternative health providers?

David Warmflash | 
Health practitioners with little or no training or perspective in genetics are dabbling in this rapidly advancing field. Utilizing results ...
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Talking Biotech: ‘Farm Babe’ Michelle Miller takes on critics of GMOs, modern farming

Kevin Folta, Michelle Miller | 
Writer Michelle Miller: The 'Food Babe' is critical of those who marginalize farmers and farming, and a powerful voice for ...
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Engineering more digestible grass could reduce livestock pastures and give us cheaper biofuels

Rebecca Nesbit | 
The problem with grass is that it has tough cellular walls that make it difficult to digest. But researchers say ...
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How the vampire bat came to feed on blood, and what we can learn from its droppings

Ricki Lewis | 
Why do the three species of vampire bats eat only blood, compared to the 1,240 other species that are perfectly ...
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Anti-GMO forces target New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) despite similarities to conventional crops

Steven Cerier | 
For years, critics of GMOs have focused on the idea that modern technologies have allowed plant breeders to take genetic ...
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Understanding the genetics of height—and why it matters in the fight against many human disorders

Jennifer Cable | 
Hoping to help researchers find links between diseases and mutations, the UK Biobank opened its vault last summer, allowing access ...
Do vaccines contain glyphosate? Examining the anti-GMO claim

Do vaccines contain glyphosate? Examining the anti-GMO claim

Andrew Porterfield | 
Many GMO critics believe that vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate. A look at how vaccines are made and how glyphosate ...
Reinforcing the human heart: Integrating human cells, electronics and nanomaterials

Reinforcing the human heart: Integrating human cells, electronics and nanomaterials

David Warmflash | 
Future of heart care: Cardiac patch that doesn't merely beat, but also provides monitoring and, if needed, electrical stimulation and ...
Africa crop science 3427723

Africa could become a world agricultural leader in CRISPR and other new breeding techniques (NBTs)

Lominda Afedraru | 
It is 8:30 East African Standard Time.  I disembark from a van filled with science journalists from Kampala, Uganda and ...