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Organic v conventional using GMOs: Which is the more sustainable farming?

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Many consumers spend more for organic food to avoid genetically modified products in part because they believe that “industrial agriculture” ...
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What are mutagenized crops and why they are not labeled and regulated?

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Humans have modified food crops for 10,000 years in order to develop varieties with beneficial traits including disease resistance, improved ...
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Does Big Ag dominate crop research and the global seed supply, controlling the world food market?

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Consolidation in the global seed market has not stifled innovation or spiked the prices farmers have to pay for seeds ...
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What are GMOs?

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The desire to regulate genetically modified foods and products has resulted in the creation of several often contradictory definitions of ...
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Does Monsanto sue farmers who save patented seeds or mistakenly grow GMOs?

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Among the more popular criticisms aimed at Monsanto is this idea that the company is in the midst of a ...
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What’s the controversy over ‘terminator’ seeds?

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GURT was developed in the 1980s and first patented in the early 1990s by Dupont and a company now owned ...
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Should genetically engineered seeds be patented?

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GMO critics contend that patenting genetically engineered seeds is akin to patenting life an argument never used against organic non-GMO ...
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Are GMOs safe?

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In 2015, 15 scientists and activists issued a statement, "No Scientific consensus on GMO safety," in the journal Environmental Sciences ...
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Can GMOs rescue threatened plants and crops?

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Some scientists and ecologists argue that humans are in the midst of an "extinction crisis" — the sixth wave of ...
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How are GMOs labeled around the world?

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Despite the fact that more than 275 science organizations have concluded that GM foods pose no more health concerns than ...
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Do GMOs encourage monoculture cropping and reduce biodiversity?

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Anti-GMO campaigners are withering in their criticism of modern agricultural practices, including monocropping, which the introduction of GMOs encourages, they ...
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What does it take to bring a new GM product to market?

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The White House issued an executive order in 2015 to review and revise the biotech approval system that pretty much ...
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How are governments regulating CRISPR and New Breeding Technologies (NBTs)?

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While genetically engineered crops traditionally take on average 7 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to make their way ...
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Why has the US FDA opposed mandatory GMO labeling?

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The issue of GMO labeling has captured considerable attention in recent years, fueled by a variety of ballot initiatives in ...
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Do GMOs cause “superweeds”?

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Crop biotechnology critics argue that the use of genetically modified seeds, which now represent nearly 95 percent of soybeans and ...
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What are “Superweeds”?

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Scientists generally scorn the term superweeds, arguing that it suggests a weed is exceptionally strong or even invulnerable. Rather, these ...
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Is the Monarch butterfly threatened with extinction by herbicide resistant GMOs?

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The plight of the Monarch has been well documented in recent years, with the population of the migratory creature plunging ...
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Can genetic engineering improve crop yields?

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What have researchers attempted to accomplish with the genetic modification of seeds? The first successful commercial GMO crop was the ...
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Are GMOs to blame for the mass suicides of Indian farmers?

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It's understandable why the alleged GMO link to farmer suicides in India has gained so much traction over the past ...
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Which genetically engineered crops and animals are approved in the US?

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Advocacy web sites often make claims such as, "the average supermarket is full of genetically modified foods." In fact, very ...
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Where are GMO crops and animals approved and banned?

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The most recent data from the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications shows that more than 18 million ...
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Why is there controversy over GMO foods but not GMO drugs?

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Despite ample evidence that GMO crops do not threaten human health, a large portion of the general public remains skeptical ...
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How does genetic engineering differ from conventional breeding?

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Scientists challenge the concept of "foreign genes." Humans have dinosaur genes and genes from every species on earth in our ...
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Are GMOs and pesticides threatening bees?

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First introduced in 1995, neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides popular in the US, Australia, Europe and elsewhere to control ...
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What are we to make of the ‘Séralini studies’ claiming GMOs and glyphosate are dangerous?

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Gilles-Eric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen, is a self-acknowledged critic of GMO crops and ...
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Why are there no long-term GMO safety studies or studies on humans?

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Critics of crop biotechnology have long contended that GMO foods have not been 'proven' safe because, in the words of ...
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Are organic foods healthier than conventional foods?

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Researchers at the Stanford University Medical School conducted the most comprehensive independent study to date "Are Organic Foods Safer or ...