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Non-GMO labels promote superstition; Scan code labels would provide context

Forbes | 
A couple of weeks ago I was deeply disappointed to read that the USDA might get involved in an aspect ...

History of farming suggests science is not the enemy of natural and nutritious food

Forbes | 
Many consumers have the impression that, until recently, food and food production was something little changed. This mistaken view is ...
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Beyond ‘romance’ of organics: 6 ignored sustainable practices organic proponents should embrace

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Organic farming is often promoted by followers as 'close to Nature'--the sustainable way to grow food. Although some organic techniques ...
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Only Organic, Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg promote “hate speech” against American farming?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A consortium of organic companies under the banner of Only Organic and led by the founder of Stonyfield Farm hired ...

Parallel universe of scientists who doggedly oppose GMOs

Science 2.0 | 
A critical part of the scientific process is the conversation phase after the experimentation is done.  Scientists share their findings with ...

Response to Union of Concerned Scientists: Fears about Arctic apple are misleading

Applied Mythology | 
As a consumer and as an agricultural scientist, I’m looking forward to the introduction of the Arctic® apple, which is nearing ...

Interview: USDA investigation into unapproved GE wheat found in Montana fields

Food and Farm Show | 
America's Food and Farm radio's Ray Bowman interviews Montana State University spokesman Tracy Ellig and crop consultant Steve Savage about the ...
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Genome Prairie examines challenges of communicating science of agriculture

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Agriculture relies upon science and technology to meet demand in an efficient and sustainable manner, but these technological advances are ...
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Agent Orange redux? Dr. Oz called out for fear-mongering on newest GMO products

Applied Mythology | 
Dr. Oz, infamous for his promotion of alternative medicine remedies and organic foods, and for his scaring people about chemical ...

Infographic: 9 plant diseases that threaten your favorite foods–and how GM can help

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Nature is relentless, challenging farmers with weeds, insects and diseases. With global food needs skyrocketing as the population and prosperity ...
Tractors in Potato Field

Anti-GMO claim examined: Does genetic engineering foster monoculture?

Applied Mythology | 
Do GMO crops "foster monoculture?" Plant pathologist Steve Savage dives into the cropping histories of the Midwest's Corn Belt and ...

GM not just about commodity farming: How it can rescue threatened coffee, chocolate, wine, bananas and OJ

Science 2.0 | 
Many anti-GM campaigners lambast crop biotechnology because the first generation of genetic modification focused on commodity crops such as corn, ...

Organic apple growers not threatened by GE apples but impractical re-defining of genetic ‘contamination’ in organic standards

Applied Mythology | 
There is an interesting new "GMO" apple nearing approval in the US and in Canada called the "Arctic Apple." Certain ...

Busting organic myth: Pesticide residues widely present in organic foods

Applied Mythology | 
There are several different reasons people are willing to pay more for organic produce, but many consumers do so believing that it ...

Scientist challenges Hawaiin activist claim that GMOs increase use of toxic chemicals

Honolulu Civil Beat | 
On February 27, Paul Achitoff of the group Earth Justice opened an op-ed in Civil Beat with the emotive claim that “the ...

Agricultural scientist Steve Savage: Am I A “Shill For Big Ag?

Applied Mythology | 
Because I blog, speak, and comment in support of various agricultural technologies, I am routinely accused of being a "shill ...

An example of how much pesticides have changed

Biology Fortified | 
The pesticides that farmers use to protect their crops have changed a great deal over the last few decades. While ...
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Can botched handling of the trans-fats controversy shed light on the GMO labeling debate?

Applied Mythology | 
Trendy "healthy" labels of foods containing trans-fats raised their popularity, but now the Food and Drug Administration has banned them ...

Steve Savage: USDA should deregulate Arctic Apples

Applied Mythology | 
(Summary) Steve Savage, agriculture scientist specializing in plant pathology, recently came out in support of the deregulation of the genetically ...

Behind the science of GMOs lies human achievement

Applied Mythology | 
The debate around GMOs seems to miss an important point - that the technology was born from scientific investigation, not ...

Why GMO wine grapes would be “cool”

Science 2.0 | 
I am 99.9% sure that there will never be commercial production of genetically engineered wine grapes ("GMO" to use the ...

When a genetic solution saved the French wine industry

Science 2.0 | 
The mid to late 1800s was a very difficult time for the European wine grape industry.  New pests associated with ...

Is there really GMO pot?

Applied Mythology | 
An interesting issue came up through my volunteer work for the new website, "" Apparently some pot users are concerned that ...
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Agricultural scientist Steve Savage reflects on the anti-GMO bill in Hawaii

Applied Mythology | 
Steve Savage went to Hawaii to try to combat the anti-GMO hysteria surrounding Bill 2491. Farmers who work on the ...
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Hawaii science ‘Swat Team’ part 2: Hawaii must resist anti-GMO scare, defend maize nurseries

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Hawaii is an important player in global agriculture, and important nursery for the development of maize and other crops due ...

Rogue GE wheat is growing in 127 countries! Should consumers be concerned?

Biology Fortified | 
The following is an edited excerpt. After the “crisis” of glyphosate tolerant wheat being found in an Oregon field, I ...

A modest proposal about how to do GMO food labeling right

Science 2.0 | 
The following is an excerpt. Should food with ingredients from genetically engineered crops - "GMOs" - be labeled?  Many argue ...

Gorillas and the future of crop biotechnology

Science 2.0 | 
The following article is an edited excerpt. There are some really cool improvements coming along in several crops that have ...