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As genetic engineering evolves, are non-GMO food labels meaningful?

Jenny Splitter | 
A group called the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has petitioned the [FDA] to prohibit use of the term “Non-GMO” on food .... [T]he ...

Why people don’t trust artificial intelligence: It’s an ‘explainability’ problem

Jason Bloomberg | 
Despite its promise, the growing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is experiencing a variety of growing pains. In addition to ...
pig cow

Using gene editing to improve animal welfare may calm public’s fear of biotech

Jenny Splitter | 
Since the first genetically modified tomato hit the U.S. market in 1994, consumers have been suspicious of scientific tinkering with ...
medical marijuana e

Cannabis farming is fueling development of less toxic biopesticides for ‘mainstream’ agriculture

Janet Burns | 
As legal cannabis farms take the spotlight, safer methods of pest control are also taking root in more 'mainstream' agriculture. ... Regulators point out ...

Viewpoint: IARC’s defenders ignore cancer agency’s flawed research, conflicts of interest

Geoffrey Kabat | 
I woke up .... to find an article by Neil Pearce, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, ...

Nigerian biotech startup introduces produce coating to combat malnutrition in Africa

Gemma Milne | 
Nigerian biotech startup Coating+ ....  has created a transparent gelatinous coating that is sprayed onto fresh fruit and vegetables to prolong their shelf ...
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EU court ruling limiting gene editing ironically underscores safety of modified crops

Steven Salzberg | 
A European Union court [July 25th] issued a new decision about GMOs. Disappointingly, this decision is likely to further confuse rather than ...

Muscular dystrophy targeted with promising gene therapy

Matthew Herper | 
An experimental gene therapy appeared to dramatically increase the production of a muscle-making protein in three young boys with Duchenne ...

What Right to Try Act means for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Martina Rozumberkova | 
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to start preparing for the compliance and reporting requirements of a controversial new law. US ...
spit test

DNA spit test for prostate cancer risk?

Victoria Forster | 
A new DNA "spit test" for prostate cancer can identify men who have an increased risk of developing the disease ...

Biotech executive facing end-stage cancer and the seduction of experimental drugs

Matthew Herper | 
For years, Michael Becker was one of the drug executives navigating swarms of cancer doctors at the annual meeting of ...

Can a drug help us grow old without our bodies falling apart?

Matthew Herper | 
The idea behind [Biotech startup] Unity—preventing aging—sounds crazy, but it’s backed by dozens of scientific papers, the key two in Nature ...

Viewpoint: Are you being duped? Some direct-to-consumer genetic tests are ‘complete trash’

Ellen Matloff | 
[H]ow accurate are [direct-to-consumer] genetic tests?  The truth is that testing runs the gamut of quality, ranging from medical-grade accuracy to ...

There are 3 types of alien life we might find out there

Ethan Siegel | 
Our existence here is proof enough that it can happen. We can imagine that if life comes to exist anywhere else ...

DNA sequencing as standard preventative care. Are we there yet?

Ellie Kincaid | 
Geisinger doctors will soon start offering patients DNA sequencing as part of routine preventative care, the Danville, Pennsylvania-based health system's ...

Is epigenetics the ‘secret superpower’ of invasive species?

Due to the small numbers that are introduced, invasive species experience a genetic bottleneck that results in low levels of ...

Can CRISPR and gene editing save our ‘devastated’ coral reefs?

Eric Mack | 
Coral reefs have been devastated in recent decades by "bleaching" events caused by overheating oceans and other factors that kill off ...
ehp a g

Battling cancer-causing aflatoxin contamination in Africa with genetic engineering, other technologies

Steve Savage | 
We in the rich societies of the world don’t hear a lot about aflatoxin. It is probably one of the single ...
p spg

Viewpoint: Universe started with a bang, will end with a frigid ‘slow, gradual death’

Ethan Siegel | 
When will our universe reach the point of maximum entropy? And what other possibilities exist for our universe in the ...
geovisual crop data tablet

Artificial intelligence poised to revolutionize farming

Bernard Marr | 
Computer vision specialist Blue River Technology has developed a solution for [pesticide risk], using advanced machine learning algorithms to enable ...
coffee stock photo e b f b f

Wading through California’s coffee-cancer controversy

Steven Salzberg | 
California might soon start requiring Starbucks to warn its customers that coffee causes cancer. Has California gone nuts, or is ...

Viewpoint: Why environmentalists should support GMO crops

Omri Ben-Shahar | 
[G]enetic modification increases corn yields, by a lot. This is not surprising: pests account for a loss of almost one-third ...

Viewpoint: From coffee to BPA to glyphosate, California activists misrepresent cancer risks

Geoffrey Kabat | 
Coffee is only the latest example of a trend that has become all too common. Activists who profess concern for ...
non gmosoybeans

Farmer exposes Non-GMO Project’s Twitter crop patent misinformation campaign

Kavin Senapathy | 
The Non-GMO Project spreads misleading and inaccurate information about food, agriculture and health on its website and social media. This ...
M Cancer chemotherapy SPL

Cancer treatment without chemotherapy? CAR T-cells could become the new standard

Victoria Forster | 
Although rare, it is not unheard-of for new treatments to achieve substantial early successes in one or two patients only ...
Screen Shot at PM

Viewpoint: Consumers fear GMOs because ‘Big Food’ companies bombard them with misinformation

Omri Ben-Shahar | 
[Editor's note: Omri Ben-Shahar is a law professor at the University of Chicago and the author of the book More ...
Screen Shot at PM

Top 5 most ridiculous types of Non-GMO Project labeled products

Kavin Senapathy | 
The stuff with no G to M It would stand to reason that any Non-GMO Project certified item would have ...
healthcare costs x

Exorbitant costs of gene therapy raise payment concerns for patients and government

Arlene Weintraub | 
[Editor's note: Executives from several companies developing gene therapies gathered for a panel discussion at the recent Forbes Healthcare Summit, ...
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