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Not so random after all: Human egg cells choose which sperm is the lucky winner

Sandee LaMotte | 
[H]ormones present at ovulation can drive a woman to choose a cocky, confident man with a slight stubble and more masculine features. Men can ...
sperm swim

Video: Sperm are ‘spinners not swimmers’—because they are lopsided

Research by fertility scientists in the UK and Mexico challenges the accepted view of how sperm “swim”, suggesting that it ...
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Marijuana? Masturbation? Alcohol? What behaviors affect male fertility?

Ada McVean | 
[W]e can look at overall trends in the scientific literature and draw some conclusions about what facets of your life ...

Sperm test could predict odds of fathering child with autism

Nicholette Zeliadt | 
Some men who have an autistic child carry mutations linked to the condition only in their sperm, according to a ...
mj exercise linked to rise in sperm count

Another benefit of regular exercise— ‘agile, fast-moving sperm’

Ed Cara | 
Regular physical activity can keep a man’s sperm in tip-top shape, a new study suggests. The research was published [December 20] in ...
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Podcast: Sneaky sheep, substandard stallions and sperm wars

Stories of sneaky sheep, substandard racing stallions, and news from the front lines of the sperm wars ...

How fathers’ diets, lifestyle choices could impact their babies’ health

Judith Finlayson | 
[E]merging science indicates that fathers play a more significant role in pregnancy outcomes than previously thought. … Traditionally, the father’s ...
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In the age of DNA, sperm donors can no longer expect promises of anonymity to stand up

Meghana Keshavan | 
For generations, it was a basic tenet of donating sperm: Clinics could forever protect their clients’ identities. But, increasingly, donor ...
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Making eggs and sperm from stem cells would create ‘ethical, social and legal conundrums’

Alex Pearlman, I. Glenn Cohen | 
Until recently, the only way to make eggs or sperm was the old-fashioned way: in the ovaries and testes. In ...
6-3-2019 image

Sperm counts are falling. Here are 5 ways to boost male fertility

Julia Belluz | 
The concentration of sperm in semen, also known as sperm count, has halved in the West since the 1970s. The ...
5-16-2019 male pill

Should you freeze your sperm? The biological clock is ticking for men, too

Ed Cara | 
Women face the brunt of societal pressure to have children before a certain age, but a new study concludes that ...
5-6-2019 thinkstockphotos sb

‘An insurance policy for the future’: Why some healthy young men are freezing their sperm

Ariana Cha | 
Gilbert Sanchez froze his sperm in January [2019], shortly before his 25th birthday. He was healthy and at low-risk for ...
3-20-2019 agneau merinos sperme congele

Birth of lambs from 50-year-old frozen sperm ‘bodes well’ for human fertility

George Dvorsky | 
Semen frozen back in 1968 has been used to impregnate dozens of Merino ewes, resulting in healthy lambs. The Australian ...

Is it OK to take sperm from the dead?

Andrew Joseph | 
[A] New York judge earlier this month ordered a medical center to save the sperm of Peter Zhu, a 21-year-old cadet ...
1-14-2019 sperm feature human sperm

Unhealthy sperm often overlooked as cause of lost pregnancies

Nicole Wetsman | 
Doctors often recommend women who experience recurrent pregnancy loss, usually defined as three or more losses, undergo testing to try ...
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Targeting sperm in the quest for a contraceptive that doesn’t use hormones

Megan Thielking | 
Scientists are trying to create a new kind of contraception with a novel tactic: tangling up sperm so they can’t ...
father with crying infant baby

How a father’s stresses alter sperm and can ‘leave his children scarred’

Esther Landhuis | 
A stressed-out and traumatized father can leave scars in his children. New research suggests this happens because sperm “learn” paternal ...

Sperm carries more than just a father’s genetics

Katherine Wu | 
Eat poorly, and your body will remember—and possibly pass the consequences onto your kids. In the past several years, mounting ...
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‘Evolution is aimless’: How else do we explain external testicles?

Nathan H. Lents | 
Evolution is a work in progress, so it’s hardly surprising that some of the features it has built into the ...

Fertility quest: How technology has fueled quantum leaps

Carol Lynn Curchoe | 
Nanotech, artificial intelligence, wearables and biological engineering are among the new high tech ways to knock you up, stop your ...

Male fertility likely declining, but we haven’t figured out why

Geoffrey Kabat | 
Studies tell us that difficult-to-measure male fertility has dipped in recent decades. But with many unknowns, we need to resist ...
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Are sperm counts declining? What’s the role of ‘endocrine disruptors’?

Geoffrey Kabat | 
The science community is divided over whether reports of declining sperm counts in men is actually occurring. One explanation--exposure to ...
expectant dad survival guide

IVF doesn’t cause low sperm counts in boy babies—Genes do

Meredith Knight | 
Media coverage of a recent study about infertility among boys who were conceived through IVF highlights that many misunderstand how ...
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What are the odds? Family celebrates birth of 13th consecutive son

Meredith Knight | 
Beyond X and Y chromosomes, scientists postulate genes and environmental exposures play a roll in making sons or daughters more ...
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