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non gmo whole foods sign

Viewpoint: Demand for non-GMO food suggests consumers want ‘easy’ answers to nutrition and health

Amanda Zaluckyj | AGDAILY | 
Have you been grocery shopping lately? If so, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that so-called “free-from” ...
gm crops gmo maize creditciat flickr

Why does America grow 90 million acres of corn every year?

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
The U.S. is the No. 1 producer of corn in the world. Planted on over 90 million acres, it is ...
dfe a adb ed b

Is ‘factory farming’ an accurate description of modern agriculture?

Tim Durham | AGDAILY | 
I’ve lived in four states on the East Coast and Gulf, and I’ve never found myself wanting come harvest time ...
Non GMO Labelling

Biotech researchers petition FDA to ban ‘deceptive’ Non-GMO Project butterfly logo

The most authoritative science and technology think tank in the United States has filed a petition against the Non-GMO Project’s ...
Depositphotos original x

Myth busted: Only ‘Big Ag’ develops GMO crops

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Farmers in other parts of the world — particularly in third world countries — are experiencing REAL problems that the ...
Farmers Market

How is your food grown? A trip to the farmer’s market might teach you

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Wouldn’t that be great if we had an abundance of different types of food at our fingertips? Unfortunately .... The ...
gmo monsanto protest toronto

Viewpoint: Want to slash pesticide use? Stop trying to ban GMOs

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
On Aug. 20, I gave a speech in Dublin, Ireland, at the International Association for Plant Biotechnology Congress .... where ...
laura prepon interview x

Farmers say Laura Prepon and other anti-GMO celebrities make their jobs harder

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
I really wish there were more celebrities out there who embraced the biotechnology and the benefits behind modern agriculture. ...

How anti-GMO groups copy advocacy ‘tactics’ from the anti-meat movement

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
The money trail behind [organic] food companies and activist groups is shocking, and there are similarities between the anti-GMO movement and the ...

Viewpoint: Farmers turn to social media to educate public about exaggerated benefits of organic and non-GMO labeled foods

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Years ago, before I fell in love with a farmer and became one myself, I was a big-city girl who ...
Honey bee

As honeybee population grows, scientists question link between neonicotinoids and bee health

Markie Hageman | AGDAILY | 
Some argue that an increase in insecticide use and a much-publicized Colony Collapse Disorder [CCD] issue have caused honey bees ...

Video: New education campaign gives ‘farmer moms’ a voice in the GMO debate

Ryan Tipps | AGDAILY | 
A Fresh Look is one of the newest efforts to give farmers a voice about GMOs and speak directly to the ...
blog six myths about farming busted main

‘Factory farms wreck the environment’ and other myths farmers are tired of hearing

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Here are [some] of the biggest myths spread on social media and in the mainstream media, and some stuff we ...

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue redoubles effort to promote gene editing, risk-based regulations

The USDA plans to double down efforts to work with partners globally towards science-based regulatory approaches. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture ...

Viewpoint: Consumers with special dietary needs forced to buy overpriced, less nutritious ‘non-GMO’ foods

Ryan Tipps | AGDAILY | 
Because of a tick-borne disease I contracted last year, I am no longer able to eat beef, pork, or dairy products ...
Ben and Jerrys glyphosate

Viewpoint: In act of retribution, organic trade group sues Ben & Jerry’s for false advertising

The Organic Consumers Association is up to its old tricks again and has filed a suit against Vermont-based Ben & ...

Which GMO foods are available at US grocery stores?

While GMOs typically make a disproportionate splash in the media, the reality is that there are very few different types ...
o VANDANA SHIVA facebook

Viewpoint: 8 things Vandana Shiva needs to know about US farmers and GMOs

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
In mid-April, famous anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva was paid nearly $20K by my hometown university to speak on campus. While I can appreciate her ...

Viewpoint: Why are universities paying ‘anti-GMO liar’ Vandana Shiva tens of thousands of dollars to speak?

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
Vandana Shiva is coming to my hometown to lie. Not cool. For those unaware, Shiva is one of the world’s ...
gmo jpg x q crop smart

Viewpoint: Why the ‘right to know’ argument for GMO labeling is nonsense

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
The USDA is set to review GMO labeling again. Apparently, the idea is to put QR codes on foods that contain genetically ...
bee banner flying bees x

Viewpoint: Field studies suggest bee health issues not linked to neonicotinoid insecticides

According to the European Union Food Safety Authority, most uses of neonicotinoids represent a risk to wild bees and honeybees ...

US Farm Bureau opposes non-GMO labels on products without GMO alternatives

An end to the use of non-GMO labels on products that do not have GMO alternatives, NAFTA modification to improve ...
food evolution

Viewpoint: Food Evolution movie shows GMO supporters ‘you’re not alone’

Ryan Tipps | AGDAILY | 
If you have the opportunity to see the documentary “Food Evolution,” do it. It has been the most talked-about food and agriculture ...
Redbarn cornfield mist L

How the Midwest became the Silicon Valley of agriculture

Brian Boyce | AGDAILY | 
Matthew Crisp, president and CEO of Benson Hill Biosystems, [says] the rural zones of Midwestern America are proving fertile ground for ...
dannon non gmos

Viewpoint: Dannon’s transition to non-GMO has hurt image as sales decline

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller is the Farm Babe, is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker and writer, who lives and works ...
bee hero

GMOs protect bees by reducing use of more toxic pesticides

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller is the Farm Babe, an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker and writer, who lives and works with ...

Viewpoint: Organic industry misleads consumers with fear, unethical sales tactics

Michelle Miller | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s note: Michelle Miller, the "Farm Babe", is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker and writer.] While acting like the “little guy” ...
omag apple x

New York farmer’s sustainability comparison—7 advantages of conventional farming over organic

Tim Durham | AGDAILY | 
[Editor’s Note: Tim Durham’s family runs Deer Run Farm on Long Island, NY. He holds a degree in plant medicine ...
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