2018 biotech review: Second generation of GMOs arrives as US anti-GMO movement falters

Marc Brazeau | 
A prediction that the anti-GMO movement would become increasingly irrelevant in 2018 comes to pass ...

Could 2018 mark the end of the anti-GMO movement?

Marc Brazeau | 
Editor's note: This article is part one of a three-part series by Marc Brazeau on his 2018 predictions on food, ...
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Anti-GMO group March Against Monsanto promotes, profits from anti-vaccine ads

Mark Lynas | 
Visit the March Against Monsanto website and you'll see a strange ad peppering the pages, among the usual dubious stories about ...
Applying fertilizer on maize

What can other African countries learn from South Africa’s experience with GMO crops?

Thomas Lewton | 
Despite promotion of GM crops, adoption has been slow across the continent. South Africa began using the technology in the ...
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Disease-resistant GMO tomato that could eliminate need for copper pesticides blocked by public fears

Paul McDivitt | 
Field trials have shown that a disease-resistant GMO tomato variety eliminates the need for copper pesticides that pollute soil and ...
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‘Naturalistic fallacy’: Explaining anti-GMO—anti-vaccine ideological and financial links

Alex Berezow | 
Both the anti-GMO movement and the anti-vaccine movement are predicated on the myth that "natural" is better. They also share ...
march against monsanto world ral

Bombing of Monsanto’s Italian research facility highlights how anti-GMO rhetoric inspires terrorists

Amanda Zaluckyj | 
Based on the reports, an individual threw Molotov cocktails at a Monsanto research facility in Italy over the Easter Weekend,  the ...
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Top 5 ‘post-truth’ anti-GMO headlines: Biologist critiques outrageous 2016 claims

Carol Lynn Curchoe | 
A reproductive biologist offers her take on the five most outrageous--but astronomically popular--anti-GMO advocacy blog headlines from last year, including ...
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Pew survey: Americans don’t trust scientists on GMOs, but are warming to GM foods

Nicholas Staropoli | 
Skepticism of GM foods remains strong in America, although the embrace of the safety of biotechnology has grown dramatically over ...
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‘March Against Monsanto’ now promoting anti-vaccine myths

Alex Berezow | 
The international protest "March Against Monsanto" (MAM) was never based on truth. The movement perpetuated myths about GMOs to demonize a company ...
glyphosate vaccine e

Glyphosate herbicide in vaccines? Here is what concerned parents should know

Andrew Porterfield | 
Scientists say Moms Across America glyphosate-vaccine study methods don't reveal anything about herbicide ...
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Who funds the grassroots anti-GMO movement?

Michelle Miller | 
A farmer discusses the tactics of anti-GMO leaders and how they use grassroots movements to promote organic products ...
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In wake of National Academies’ GMO report, is public skepticism of biotech waning?

David Zaruk | 
A number of recent events have seemed to shift public sentiment favorable towards GMOs. What is behind this change? ...
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Interview with Mihaela Vasile from Monsanto-Romania

Maria Bolevich | 
Mihaela Vasile  is a Corporate Engagement & Government Relations Manager-Monsanto România and she was more than a willing to answer ...
Del Jake featured

The anti-Rachel Parent: 10-year-old future scientist counters sea of GMO misinformation

Kavin Senapathy | 
Anti-GMO events are peppered with children holding signs touting the alleged dangers of genetically modified foods. For those who choose ...

Glyphosate’s environmental and health risks should be addressed by regulators

Michael Hansen | 
Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate -- trade name RoundUp -- which is used on most genetically engineered crops (also known as GMOs), ...
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Pro-GMO marchers shocked at unfocused anger of March Against Monsanto protesters

Julie Kelly | 
The most striking and at times frightening aspect of the March Against Monsanto was the unfocused vitriol voiced by the ...

March Against Monsanto activists: ‘Do not use my disability to promote your agenda’

Katherine Hall | 
Ignorant people say the recent rise in autism diagnosis is not because of revised diagnostic criteria, or the result of ...

Protesters March Against Monsanto in over 400 cities around the world

Thousands of people across the world have joined together in a global movement, protesting against American biotech giant Monsanto. Activists ...
Yes I used to work for Monsanto

Confessions of former Monsanto employee: “I’m freaking proud of it”

It's MomSense | 
'I used to work for Monsanto. I got to help people better understand a technology that I think holds immense ...
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GMO battle: March Against Myths protests March Against Monsanto

Kavin Senapathy | 
Science Power Hour host Vern Blazek interviews Kavin Senapathy, co-founder of March Against Myths About Modification. Known as MAMyths, the ...
Monsanto Logo

6 reasons why I changed my mind about Monsanto

Manny Schewitz | 
Seed manufacturer Monsanto Company has been the target of a lot of criticism over the past few years, including a ...
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Anti-GMO activists leverage glyphosate cancer reclassification to resurrect discredited claims

Andrew Porterfield | 
The WHO reclassification of glyphosate that's paired with herbicide resistant GM crops has led to a swirl of claims that ...

Anti-GMO activists ‘harass’ Connecticut nature center months after Monsanto grant funds returned

Lee Howard | 
A controversy that swirled last year when the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center announced a grant from chemical giant Monsanto has ...

Top 6 stories on the GLP, February 9, 2015

The most read stories over the last week on human and agricultural genetics and biotechnology from the Genetic Literacy Project ...
MAMAM info

Call for action: It’s time to March Against the March Against Monsanto

Karl Haro von Mogel, Kavin Senapathy | 
March Against Monsanto has evolved into a cultural event symbolizing the most strident and scientifically questionable side of the anti-technology ...

Love organic Ruby Red grapefruit? Created by ‘atomic breeding’, anti-GMOers oppose labeling

Chad White | 
Groups like March Against Monsanto continually share information that is not based on actual evidence, and it’s despicable how low ...
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